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Favours and Decorations for your Wedding, Birthday or any other special occasion.


These Balloon Lights are ideal to add a 'wow' factor to any special occasion or event. They are perfect balloon decorations for placing into a helium balloon and air filled latex balloons to provide an effect that will have all of your wedding or party guests talking. The unique design of the lights ensure that they remain so versatile that they can be used in many ways and only your imagination stands in the way. Not only are they perfect inside balloons but also make excellent centrepieces at any birthday party or wedding.

Pull Out Tag Insert Light into Balloon Tie the balloon Secure Cable Tie
1) Remove the balloon light from the packaging and pull out the tag from the side. 2) Insert the light into the deflated balloon 3) Inflate the balloon with helium or air and tie a knot in the end 4) Let the light drop into the neck of the balloon ( gravity normally makes the light fall the right way up ) and secure the light with the cable tie
Trim the cable tie Turn on Balloon Light Place balloon for guests to see  
5) Cut the excess from the cable tie ( this is not necessary but looks better )  6) Twist the bottom of the light to turn it on. If you want the light to flash, stop twisting when the light flashes but if you want constant light, carry on twisting until the light stops flashing 7) Now place the balloon wherever you need it  
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